Have you ever wanted to start your own seedlings?

....but weren't sure where to start or what to plant first?

Hi I'm Lori

I've always had a passion to grow my own food. Starting seedlings was hard to do and I planted way too many at first.


I had a lot of failures when I started. This beginner guide will get you growing in the right direction.


With clear instructions, the best seeds to start, and confidence you can start your own seedlings today!

When I first started my seedlings, I wanted to grow everything since it was cheaper than buying starts.


I grew way too many varieties of seeds...which left me very frustrated.


I had a lot of failed plants...


So I took a step back and started with just a few I thought I could grow even though I wanted to plant the million seeds I had!...yes, I'm a seed addict...


And I succeeded with the few varieties I started, and a simple way to start these little seeds.


Which gave me the confidence to start my own seedlings.


Beginner Guide to Start Seedlings is perfect with

  • clear instructions
  • the best seeds to plant first
  • confidence to grow your own


If I can do it so can you....start growing today!

Beginner Guide to Start Seedlings will provide you with....

  • clear instructions for beginners
  • best seeds to start
  • transplanting instructions
  • confidence you can start your own seedlings

With Beginner Guide to Start Seedlings, you will have clear instructions for planting, know what seeds to plant first, and gain confidence to start your own seedlings.

Start growing your seedlings today!

This ebook was a big help to me. I do NOT have a green thumb and I was able to sprout seeds on my own and produce healthy plants for the garden. -Heidi

Imagine what it Would be like if.....

  • you could have easy instructions to start your seedlings
  • best few seed varieties to plant first
  • you could know starting seedlings to transplanting times
  • you could gain confidence as a beginner to start your own seedlings

This guide is perfect for beginners who want to start their own seedlings but need to know the next steps

I'll help you

  • know the exact steps to start seedlings
  • know the best seeds to plant first
  • know transplanting times
  • gain confidence you can start your own seedlings


I've never started seedlings before, Can I really grow seedlings?

Yes, this beginner guide gives you the exact steps to start through transplanting dates.

I've started seeds before and they all failed. Can I be successful this time?

Yes, if you start with simple instructions, an easy setup, and just a few seeds, you'll grow your own seedlings.

I usually plant too many seeds, Are there easy ones to plant first?

Yes, if you just plant a few seed varieties you will gain confidence.... YOU CAN DO IT!

Is this expensive to set up?

You can set this up with most budgets. There is a list of supplies you need and you can change it to work for you.

Start growing your seedlings today!

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