Do you have a recipe for pizza, one for bread, and more?

What if you could have one dough recipe for all these?

One Einkorn Dough

Make one dough for pizza, bread, and more. and save time in the kitchen!

Hi! I'm Lori

I've always had a passion to cook homemade for my family. I like to find faster and easier ways to cook and spend less time in the kitchen!


Make this fast One Einkorn Dough to use for many recipes and easily add to your meals!

When I started cooking, I had so many recipes for pizza, bread, etc. This is crazy I thought! So I took one recipe and tweaked it a bit and had one dough for several baked goods.


Later, we found out we were allergic to modern wheat. I'm sure you can hear the crying....more like wailing đŸ˜©


We tried almond flour and cheese but that didn't give me the baked goods I really wanted.


Then, I discovered Einkorn... (Inecorn)


Being very reluctant at first, some of my kids tried it, so I finally gave it a try. You know what? We were able to eat this grain and didn't have any problems. And the flavor was so much better than regular flour.


Einkorn is easier to digest if you can't tolerate modern wheat. Celiacs are advised to avoid grains.


So, I took that recipe and had to tweak it for einkorn because einkorn is trickier and stickier, but we had dough...and we could start baking again!


What are you waiting for? Start baking One Einkorn Dough today!

One einkorn Dough will provide you with......

  • one dough recipe for bread, pizza, and more
  • a more tolerable grain that is easier to digest
  • fast recipe to add to your weekly meals
  • modifications given for all-purpose flour
  • recipes for this dough

I make this recipe many times each week.

Make one Einkorn dough today

With One Einkorn Dough, you can make one dough for bread, cinnamon bread, and more.... also, save time in the kitchen

Imagine what it would be like if....

  • You were able to make one dough for several recipes
  • Start baking homemade for your family
  • You could save time in the kitchen
  • eat a more digestible grain Einkorn ..full of amazing flavor

This is a great ebook! Lori does a fantastic job of introducing you to this amazing grain and helps you get started baking with it. -Heidi 

I'll help you

  • make one dough (modifications for all-purpose flour)
  • switch to an amazing ancient grain einkorn full of flavor
  • easily add to your weekly meals
  • make this dough in 5 minutes 


Can I really make one dough for these recipes?

Yes,  this recipe can be used for pizza, cinnamon bread, and more.

I usually cannot tolerate grains, can I eat einkorn without any problems?

Celiacs are advised to avoid grains, but if you're just sensitive to modern flour einkorn may work for you. We have allergies in our family, but we have tolerated einkorn without any problems.

Does this recipe use a sourdough starter?

No, this recipe uses active dry yeast.

I don't bake much, is this recipe easy to do?

Yes, this one-dough recipe takes 5 minutes to make. 

Can kids make this too?

Yes, this is an easy recipe for kids to make.

Can I easily add this to my weekly meals?

Yes, you can easily add this to your weekly meals. Make enough batches for the whole week.

Can I use all purpose flour?

Yes, modifications are given for all-purpose flour

Make one Einkorn dough today

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