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One Einkorn Dough

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Do you have several recipes for bread, pizza, and more?

One Einkorn Dough is perfect if you want one dough for several baked goods. Einkorn is an ancient grain and it has been wonderful to bake with and has an amazing flavor.

*Included with this main dough recipe are recipes to add to your menus. Use this dough for pizza and bread, plus a few more that you’ll like!

This recipe uses active dry yeast and is not sourdough. Modifications are given if you’re using modern wheat.

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This is a digital product and nothing will ship and cannot be refunded.


When I started cooking, I had many recipes for pizza, bread, etc. This is crazy I thought! So I tweaked one recipe and had one dough for several baked goods.

Then, we found out we were allergic to modern wheat. I’m sure you can hear the crying.😢

Then, I discovered Einkorn…Being reluctant at first, some of my kids tried it and I finally gave it a try. You know what? We handled it great and didn’t have any problems.

Einkorn is easier to digest for many.

So, I took that recipe and had to tweak it for einkorn because einkorn is trickier and stickier, but we had dough…and we could start baking again!

What are you waiting for? Start baking One Einkorn Dough today!



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1 review for One Einkorn Dough

  1. Heidi

    This is a great ebook! Lori does a fantastic job of introducing you to this amazing grain and helps you get started baking with it.

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